July 17, 2202 (click to enlarge)
Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak (NASA’s GSFC)

June 17, 2672 (click to enlarge)

June 8, 2681 (click to enlarge)

July 31, 2744 (click to enlarge)
July 31, 2744 (click to enlarge)

July 3, 2866 (click to enlarge)

September 17, 2992 (click to enlarge)

Upcoming Total Solar Eclipses Visible from St. Joseph

1. July 17, 2205
The next eclipse St. Joseph will experience after 2017 offers almost the exact length of totality, 2 minutes and 42.7 seconds at Rosecrans Memorial Airport (assuming it still will be there). The greatest duration of totality, 4 minutes and 10 seconds, occurs in the North Atlantic Ocean.

2. June 17, 2672
Once 2205 passes, it will be 467 years until the Moon’s shadow once again passes over St. Joseph. Totality will last 3 minutes and 1 second. The maximum duration of totality will be 4 minutes 36 seconds, just off the coast of Greenland in the direction of Iceland.

3. June 8, 2681
After the four-and-one-half century wait until the previous eclipse, it will be a scant 9 years until the next one. At the current position of the main runway at Rosecrans Airport, totality will last 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

4. July 31, 2744
We have included the path of this solar eclipse through the United States so you can compare it to the similar path of August 21, 2017’s event. For this eclipse, St. Joseph will experience 3 minutes and 49 seconds of totality. The maximum duration of totality lies north of Grand Island, Nebraska, where daytime darkness will endure for 5 minutes and 59 seconds.

5. July 3, 2866
One day before the Fourth of July, 2866, St. Joseph will lie under the dark part of the Moon’s shadow for 3 minutes and 46 seconds. The maximum duration of totality, 4 minutes and 59 seconds, occurs in the Atlantic Ocean.

6. September 17, 2992
The final total solar eclipse for St. Joseph in the third millennium AD brings 4 minutes and 14 seconds of totality to Rosecrans Airport. That’s only 2 seconds less than the maximum duration, which occurs just west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.